I saw the best thing ever today. An amazingly awesome puppeteer rocking the shit out of a two skeleton puppets!! I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter show. I gave him pesos, for sure. I used to dabble in puppetry here and there… nothing crazy… but as you can see from the photo below, getting down with a puppet is most definitely my kind of fun.

puppet master Sarita

Oh yeah, I meant it. I am SO DOWN to play with some puppets.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw this dude on the street absolutely KILLING IT with his skeleton puppet rock band. He blew my fucking mind. Here’s a little vid I took. The sucky part: I didn’t realize my camera cuts the sound when I zoom in and out. Aaannnd, I went vertical but I don’t know how to flip it/I don’t care to go to the trouble. Aaannnd the quality does suck. No awards in cinematography in my future, that’s for damn sure. But hang in there. Turn your head sideways or something, and watch the end at least and trust me that it was amazing in person. =-D And later I heard him doing Stairway, but I was on a bus and couldn’t get over there to film it up. No Stairway? Denied.

Check out the true MASTER OF PUPPETS on the streets of Buenos Aires…



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2 responses to “Um, this KICKED ASS

  1. Val

    Sarita thanks for sharing your story & video. When your return I will expect you to use all your mad skills to perform a rocking puppet show for all of us.

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